Sunday, May 20, 2012

Collection - "Clair De Lune"

Kubrick wrote to Hepburn in 1968, proposing that she star as Jos├ęphine de Beauharnais, in an epic film based on the life of Napoleon Bonaparte. Kubrick assured Hepburn that, with her participation, he was sure he could produce “the greatest movie ever made."

Hepburn’s reponse:
"Dear Mr. Kubrick, Thank you for the kind letter you wrote me – I am flattered and happy you would like me to work with you. I still don’t want to work for a while so cannot commit or involve myself in any project at this time. I hope you understand this….. and will think of me again someday? Thank you again, Warmest wishes Audrey Hepburn" 

My vision of Audrey in Kubrick's greatest movie never made!

The letter:

Debussy,Clair De Lune

Special thanks to: Jovan Gojkovic, Oliver Katic, Marko Panajotovic, Bojana Halilovic, Svetlana Minic

Model: Zorana Miljevic
Photography: Nevena Kragic

Hairstyle: Studio "Amon Ra",
Ramona Asanovic
Make up: Nevena Kragic
Stockings: Nevena Kragic
Shoes: "Femisa"
Styling: Nevena Kragic